Vitamix Blender Review

vitamix_green_smoothie Since 1937, Vitamix has been making quality blenders and has proven to be a reliable company. Vitamix blenders are well known for their long life and ease of use. Many older Vitamix blenders are still in use after 10+ years. There have been new improvements and design changes over the years, but the same quality continues. The confidence Vitamix has in its blenders is evident from the 7 year full coverage warranty. The latest model – Turbo Blend VS/5200 (USA) or Total Nutrition Centre (Canada) features a powerful 2 peak HP motor (11.5 amps)* with an on/off switch, variable speed dial, and hi/variable switch. The container holds 64 oz. and is BPA free. It comes with a spill proof vented lid and plastic tamper. An additional 3 year warranty can be purchased bringing the total to 10 years!

There are three different containers available from Vitamix. The regular container holds up to 64 oz. and is used for all types of blending. In addition, a 48 oz. container can be purchased for blending smaller amounts and also fits under most kitchen cabinets.* Finally, the 32 oz. container comes with a “dry” blade and is designed for grinding grains.

Vitamix offers different “packages” which include various combinations of base finishes, colors, containers and cookbooks. Don’t be confused by the different models. They’re all the same great blender, but targeting different markets.

*See a side by side comparison chart – Vitamix vs Blendtec vs Omni Blender.
*For an explanation of motor horsepower, amps and wattage read “How to Choose a Blender”.
*Read what real people are saying about their Vitamix.
*total height with 64 oz. container is 20 inches.

How to order your Vitamix Blender and receive “free shipping”

Online – by clicking on the Vitamix picture to the right. This link will take you automatically to the official Vitamix website where you can order your blender and type in the “free shipping code” – 06-006476

By Phone – Call Vitamix – 1-800-848-2649 and give them this “free shipping code” – 06-006476

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